1Love Community is a social initiative seeking to create viable, actual change and improvement to the quality of life of people in the city. It is a grassroots network outreaching into local communities to provide support, knowledge and activity that enriches and engenders health, responsibility and security not just to the urban environment but to its inhabitants therein.

We believe in the inherent and fundamental truth of Oneness through love and apply this understanding to ‘real world’ scenarios. We search for ways to be able to alleviate the pressures experienced by people at an individual and communal level. We strive to realise this philosophy in everything we do.

We began as an organisation in 2012 when we formed “One Love Get Real”. The aim was to develop relationships and dialogue with actively minded citizens to form a network which may take positive steps to achieving a better place for ourselves and the world around us – all with a mind to consciousness, respect and honour. We have since developed an extensive network and hosted various other events.

OLGR has now evolved into 1Love Community C.I.C. Our aim is to establish projects and practices that can easily be replicated by others to help enhance their experience of the social world; especially in cities where there is a noticable disintegration of community.

 We truly value the term “love thy neighbour” and feel we are well placed to develop programs for others to experience & enjoy the many benefits of this concept – seemingly long forgotten, at a time when inner urban environments are becoming increasingly more populated.

To achieve this we employ creative, inclusive and educational means that promote equality, harmony and empowerment… as One… with Love.. for the Community.



Selling furniture and sharing space

We have a meanwhile lease until 2020 to operate a community pop up, selling furniture & household goods.

We also run community activities including yoga and dance, upcycling and various workshops

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Turning derelict land to urban growing spaces

Showcasing innovative urban agriculture growing techniques we coined "Nomadic Community Gardens", using a modular pallet bed system we create pop-up gardens that the local community can grow in.

We also provide a plant & tree nursery and host workshops, skills sharing sessions and 'cook offs' for the residents, local schools and disadvantaged groups.